Fat Loss Injections

Fat Loss Injections

What are fat dissolving injections with AQUALXY? 

Aqualysis the method of using the aqueous gel to remove excess fat. It utilises a non surgical method to target fat cells to destroy them permanently.

Aqualyx is completely biodegradable and biocompatible, using a slow-release sugar based system, to dissolve cellulite at the site of injection before it’s passed along the body through the lymphatic and excretory system.

Fat dissolving injections with aqualyx are recommended for removing stubborn fat, when exercise and diet can’t, eliminating cellulite and fatty deposits.

Suitable for all the following parts of the body…..

💎Thighs ✔️
💎Knees ✔️
💎Buttocks ✔️
💎Hips ✔️
💎Back fat ✔️
💎Stomach ✔️
💎Chin ✔️
💎Upper arms ✔️
💎Male chest ✔️

Consultation has to be given before we can say if your are eligible for the treatment and to measure the treatment are to give u a price on the area u want, every single client if different.

I am now offering free face to face consultations and and book places with a deposit.

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